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Hello Steven,

Warm welcome to this wonderful list.  I hope it will help you to know more about your homeland particularly the status and conditions of your blind peers in India.  You may or may not be aware that India is known for its hospitality people everywhere in  India particularly in rural parts try their best to make the stay of their guest most comfortable even they don’t  go beyond their might.  So you don't need to worry  in planning to visit India.  You will be welcomed every where as per your choice and convenience.  For the time being let us know about your study and status of the blind people in U.S in detail such as how do you pursue your study being a blind?  Which medium of assistive technology in general are used by the blind students in pursuance of their study.   What about the behaviour and attitude of the fellow students and teachers towards blind student at college and university? If it is also a challenge for a visually challenged person in USA to get suitable employment? What is the condition of social inclusion of the blind people in U.S society? Have you any statistic data about the population of the visually challenged persons in USA.  What are the key provisions of the government for the support of the blind people in their empowerment.  

I believe that many accessindian friends would also like to hear from you on all these points. 

With regards,

Gautam Prakash Agarwal
NFB, Karnataka

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Hello All,

just joined the list, and I thought I would write and introduce myself. My name
is Steven. I’m a blind college student from New York. I am studying Psychology,
but I also like history and literature. My hobbies are reading, listening to music,
hanging out with friends, traveling and learning new things. I would like to
make some new friends on here! 


ancestors are Indian, and I’ve always wanted to visit the homeland. I would
really like to come to India and volunteer in a school for the blind. Does
anyone have any advice for me? I kind of saw myself going to Mumbai because it’s
Mumbai, but I really don’t mind where I go. There are just so many schools all
around India. Also, I don’t speak any Indian languages (only English and
French). Do you think this would be a problem? Please help if you can. But
also, I would just like to get to know everyone!





Steven Max-Faults


SteveMax83 at yahoo.com


+1 917 865 6953

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