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mukesh jain mukesh.jain57 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 05:30:40 EDT 2010

recently, one of my colleague working in my company has been nominated
to perform official tour to attend training program in north region.
for this purpose, he would like to have one escort during this tour.
he is visually challenged person. earlier, he had performed such tour
for official work with escort. but now at this time, his officials
would like to know that are there any rules or circulars allowing one
escort to perform the journey with one escort?

i do know that indian rail has been offering concessions to visually
challenged persons along with one escort. but is there any circular
witch says that blind person should be allowed to have one escort in
journey if he so requires. may i know the exact circular by witch
indian rail has issued this concession to blind person with one

your kind cooperation in this regard would be highly obliged.

Mukesh jain
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