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Hi Access Indians,
Please invest some time and read this very important news from AICB.


High Tech devices are no more a Dream for the Indian Blind:

For years we have been reading about the latest technology for the
visually impaired. However, access to such a technology has largely
remained a dream for most visually impaired persons in India owing to
the unaffordable costs of high tech equipments. In most developed
countries, it is quite easy for the blind to own such equipments as
state support is readily available for the same. AICB has been deeply
concerned about this digital divide which has fast been impacting the
blind and the low vision persons in India.

For some years, AICB has been trying to find ways to make latest
technology available to the visually impaired at reasonable cost.
Finally, a land mark success in this respect has been achieved owing
to our discussions with Human Ware.

Now it will be possible for AICB to make available four much sought
after products of Human Ware at very reasonable costs to the blind and
the low vision persons. These products are: Braille Note mpower, BT,
Victor Reader Stream, Smart View Pocket and Smart View Versa. Some of
the features of these technologies are detailed below:

Braille Note mpower BT:

This easy to operate and easy to carry portable mini Braille computer
is one of the most sought after devices by the blind in the developed
countries. Anyone knowing Perkins Brailler will be able to operate
this machine with considerable ease. The Unit has 9 keys, 6 keys for
the 6 dots, a key for spaces another for backspace and the 9th for
enter. In addition, there are four thumb keys at the front of the

The unit is very light weighing only 1.3 K.G. It is 25 c.m. long, 15
c.m. wide and 5 c.m. in height. It has a small carrying case. The most
striking feature of the unit is a 32 cell refreshable Braille display
line. You do not require paper to read a document in Braille which is
stored in this machine. As you keep reading a stored document, the
Braille letters will keep changing. You can read an entire book in
this manner. Besides, it also has high clarity audio output. You would
usually type a document on Braille Note as you would do it on a
Perkins Brailler. Some computer commands which are essential to
efficiently work on this machine are quite easy to learn.

You can create a document on Braille Note as you would do in MS Word
on a standard computer. You can also surf the net and send and receive
emails without using a standard computer. Documents created on Braille
Note can be transferred on a normal computer. Similarly, files from a
standard computer can also be transferred on Braille Note and also
read in Braille without getting the same embossed on a paper. You can
also take print outs of Braille Note documents on a standard printer.
It also has a recorder, a calendar manager and a clock.

It is an excellent machine for students and professionals who are
Braille users. The most exciting fact of this information is that AICB
will now make this machine available to you only at a cost of
Rs.31,500/-.  Of course, it is not a brand new machine. That would
cost you around Rs.2,97,000/-. But the machine which AICB is providing
has been reconditioned by the company and it has been directly
obtained from Human Ware. The manufacturers are providing this machine
in India at such low cost as a part of their C.S.R. As of now, only 15
units of Braille Note mpower B.T. are available and will be supplied
on a first come first served basis. So if you wish to be one of the
few visually impaired in India who would own Braille Note B.T., then,
hurry and get in touch with the Secretary General, AICB at the

Victor Reader Stream:

This multifunctional state-of-the-art DAISY player is perhaps the best
that the world has to offer today. It is portable and light weight:
portable (4.6x2.6x0.9 inches) and only 6 ounces in weight.

With this machine you can easily play DAISY books, Book share
materials and US NLS materials as well as convert e-text into speech
without using any additional software. With a high quality built in
microphone you can also record. All the features of a good DAISY
reader are available in Victor Reader Stream at an affordable cost.
With its high power rechargeable batteries, one can have 15 hours of
uninterrupted reading on this machine. You can read a book, section by
section, page by page or chapter by chapter through its easy
navigation keys.

Victor Reader Stream, which is normally priced at Rs.15,000/- is now
being provided by AICB at a reduced cost of Rs.9,450. As the units are
limited in number, you will have to hurry in case you wish to procure
this very useful device.

Smart View Pocket

A versatile Video Magnifier, the SmartView Pocket is a lightweight and
compact hand-held video magnifier that helps you when things are too
small to see and read. Supporting up to 9x magnification and
containing powerful features found in products twice its size, the
SmartView Pocket is still small enough to easily fit in your pocket or

It is easy to carry as it weighs only 140 grams. It is an excellent
device for persons with low vision who operate in multiple domestic as
well as professional situations. As you can take it anywhere in your
pocket, many daily tasks become much easier.

AICB is providing this unique low vision device at a reduced cost of Rs.19,215.

Smart View Versa:

This too is a very useful device for the low vision. It weighs only
200 grams and can be easily carried anywhere. It also has a 4.3 inches
screen which makes magnifying and viewing much easier. You can magnify
any item upto 15 times through this device. It can also be connected
to television as a magnifier. Though the prize of the new device is
very high, AICB will make available the brand new product for you at a
cost of only Rs.24,075.

For further information about these products, you could get in touch
with the Secretary General, All India Confederation of the Blind by
post, by email: aicbdelhi at yahoo.com or through phone: 011-27050915;


Krishana Kumari Memorial Award:

As our readers are aware, that Dr. Ved Prakash Varma  has instituted
this award in memory of his wife Late Krishna Kumari Varma. The award
is given every year to a student who has secured either first or
second position in the entire university in his/her chosen filed of
study at the Masters’ level. However, those pursuing their M.A. in
music are not eligible. Those interested in applying for this award
should get in touch with the Secretary General at the earliest. It is
worth mentioning that a sum of Rs.10,000, citation and memento are
given in this award. AICB also looks after accommodation and travel of
the recipient.


Advance Computer Training Programme:

You may remember that two years ago, AICB started an advance computer
training programme of one year’s duration. The purpose of this
training was to make the visually impaired persons employable in areas
related to ICT. Training in Call Centre functions, technical writing
and search engine optimization is provided under this training
programme. The employment rate for the students’ of the first batch
was nearly 100 percent. The second batch is going on, but  there have
not been enough takers for this programme.

The third batch of this programme shall begin from 1st August, 2010.
In case you wish to participate in this training programme or know of
someone who may be interested, please pass on this information to
him/her. As it is an employment oriented course, good knowledge of
English is highly desirable. The interested graduate aspirants should
contact the Secretary General, AICB for further details.


Hindi Stenography Course:

As most of you may be well aware that the Hindi shorthand training
course run by AICB is very popular across the country. More than 350
trainees of this programme have gained employment in various
government and public sector undertakings. The next batch of Hindi
shorthand training course will begin from 1st August, 2010. Those
desirous of obtaining training in this programme should contact the
Secretary General, AICB at the earliest.

For further information, please call at 011-27054082 or mail to
aicbdelhi at yahoo.com.

Madhav Chandra Das

"Every action ends with a reaction"


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