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Hi all,

Though the IBA circular of November 2008 says that all the banking facilities should be also extended to those visually impaired people who use thumb impression, but even open minded banks/managers have stated they do not have manual or technological capacity to verify thumb print on a issued cheque. So they cannot issue cheque book to people who do not sign.


One of our recent callers from Bahadurgarh, has account in SBI. Fortunately his manager was open enough to patiently listen to him and then to us on phone, he also read the circulars. Expressing the same incapacity, the manager asked us if there anybody so enjoying a cheque book facility, he would like to learn how is it works.


So we want to know the people among us or outside our group who has been given cheque book facility with:

  1.. permission to use only their thumb impression to authenticate their cheques, 
  2.. and their bank official does not counter signs it to validate it.

Please get back to us on or off the list on the below contacts.


Thanks and regards,

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