[AI] Problem in opening the pen-drive

Dr. Yogesh Sharma yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Mon May 31 14:03:55 EDT 2010

Dear ashik, I would suggest that first of all when you plug in your pen drive, scan it with the help of the anti-virus so that the fear of presence of some virus in it gets ruled out. Then try to open the pen drive once again. If it still does not get opened, right click the pen drive icon by pressing the applications key and then press j to eject it. Now restart your computer and plug in the drive again. Now again press the applications key on its icon again, and after that, go to the explore menu instead. Then, as you find various files and folders in the drive, try opening them individually. Hope it helps.
With best regards,
           Sincerely yours, Yogesh Sharma.

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