[AI] Science for VI students in classes XI and XII

Simon Jacob - Inclusive Planet simon.jacob at inclusiveplanet.com
Sat May 29 11:06:19 EDT 2010

Dear Kartik,

If you are looking for engineers from different parts of the world, I
suggest browse through the profiles on Inclusive Planet. One quick way of
doing it is to enter the word "engineer" in the search box. You will be
shown results by file, by channels, and by users. The search result of users
has thrown up 45 results, out of which I am sure you would find atleast
10-12 relevant profiles. You can use the send message button which is there
against each profile to send them a message. I am pasting the links of a few
relevant profiles to give you an idea.

Jeevan who has pursued his B.Tech and has low vision

Morten Tollefsen, a blind person from Norway who is working as a research
scientist http://www.inclusiveplanet.com/en/view_quick_profile&un=user/2811

Fred, from the US who is a BS in Engineer from University of Carolina

We have realized that providing a people search by location, profession,
school etc would be a big help for VIP's searching for similarly placed
VIP's across the world. So very soon, we shall be launching a powerful
profile search utility. In the meanwhile if you are interested you can
browse through the intro wall which has the profiles of VIP's from more than
50 countries. Here's the link to the introduction wall

Let me know if you need any other help.

Warm Regards,
Simon Jacob

Together, there are no barriers
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From: "Kartik Sawhney" <sawhney.kartik at gmail.com>
Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2010 12:11 AM
To: <accessindia at accessindia.org.in>
Subject: [AI] Science for VI students in classes XI and XII

> I am really sorry, but I am repeating the mail. I am Kartik, and I
> wish to take up Sciences-PCM in classes XI and XII. Any visually
> challenged (100%) students, who have taken up Sciences in XI and XII,
> or anyone having contacts to any such students, or any VI student
> pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science, plz contact me off the list at
> my E-mail ID sawhney.kartik at gmail.com. Any members from countries like
> US etc. where VIs are taking up Sciences in high school, do contact me
> as to how do they manage it.
> Regards,
> -Kartik

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