[AI] JAWS does not read notepad text, only says blank! Re: AccessIndia Digest, Vol 49, Issue 157

Saravanan Ramadoss saravanan.ramadoss1 at gmail.com
Fri May 28 06:47:38 EDT 2010

Hello  friends,
I am facing typical problem  from today  afternoon. My  systems JAWS does not read notepad & H.J. pad text; "it tells only blank); but  it reads  M.S. office  3  Word text &  mails in outlook & internet clearly.  
I am using  JAWS 10 with  with Office XP. What  would be the solution? I urgently  require your  help.
Please feel free to pass  your comments, feedbacks & new ideas to  the below menntioned contact details.  
saravanan.ramadoss1 at gmail.com  
saravanan_2008 at hotmail.com
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