[AI] Near blind girl scores 91.5 per cent in Class 12 exams

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Mumbai, May 27, 2010
First Published: 19:31 IST(27/5/2010)
Last Updated: 19:33 IST(27/5/2010)
Near blind girl scores 91.5 per cent in Class 12 exams
With just 2 per cent vision in both her eyes, Aditi Shah did not let
her impairment come in the way. She scored 91.5 per cent in
Maharashtra's HSC (Class 12, junior college) exams.

"I was expecting to score below 90 per cent. But when I heard I scored
close to 92 per cent, I didn't know how to react," an elated Aditi

Born sighted, Aditi was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a disease
which results in progressive loss of vision, when she was 10.

"According to our doctor, this disease usually hits people after they
have crossed 60 years. Why it happened to my daughter is still a
mystery," said Kamlesh, Aditi's father.

After she started losing her vision, Aditi shifted to enlarged font
books. She started wearing glasses with a magnifier in order to adjust
to the loss of vision.

But one day, she could hardly see anything. That is when she felt it
was the end of her world.

"But I did not lose hope. I was lucky my father hired Nikita Rane, 19,
who came to me every day and read out my lessons. She also recorded
lessons on an audio tape so that I could listen to them in her
absence," Aditi said.

Nikita, on the other hand, attributes Aditi's good performance to the
clarity with which she can grasp concepts.

"I have never met someone as strong as Aditi. Her zeal for life and
her zest for studies can hardly be seconded," Nikita said.

Staying in north-west Mumbai's suburb of Kandivli, 17-year-old Aditi
studied the commerce stream from N L College, Malad.

"I did want to take up the science stream after I passed Class 10, but
I was low on confidence and thought it would be too difficult to cope
with the practical sessions. But I am planning to change to science as
I want to become a software developer," she said.

She has set her target to pursue a BSc (IT). "I had opted for IT Maths
as one of the subjects in HSC that will help me in securing admission
in BSc IT," Aditi said.

Aditi is no stranger to high scores. Two years ago when she scored 92
per cent in her Class 10 exams, she was felicitated by Maharashtra
Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal at the National Association for
the Blind.

An emotional Aditi is grateful to her mother Amita, brother Meet and
uncle Prakash Shah for their support, encouragement and help. "I
cannot thank them enough... They were with me at every step," she

She appreciated the help and support from even her classmates and the
college management. "Whenever something was written on the blackboard,
my classmates read it out to me and that's how I have learnt and
grown," she added.

Aditi is also happy to have got a good writer like Prachi Goradia, 16,
who wrote all her papers as she dictated them to her in the
examination hall.

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