[AI] Banking complaints

Kanchan Pamnani kanchanpamnani at gmail.com
Thu May 27 06:55:57 EDT 2010

I have only been reading the subject lines of all the mails on Banking. I know the debate is hot but at present I cant join in. What i have done is what I can best do in the situation. I have emailed to and spoken to the official at the RBI who first helped us by personally looking at each and every complaint that we forwarded. This was even before the 4th June circular of RBI and of course before IBA guidelines. 

The suggestion is that I have to compile a list of complaints and send them in by 15th June 2010. 
So those who still are being denied facilities please write to me on or off the list:

1Name of the complainant
2. bank
3. Branch 
4. What facility has been denied. 
Thats all I require at this stage. 
Lets hope most matters get resolved. 


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