[AI] Regarding Volume Control

hari harikodanad at gmail.com
Wed May 26 13:45:21 EDT 2010

Respected members, I have been facing a problem to the volume control of my computer for quite a long time. When ever I start typing in microsoft word or in any other application, after some times, suddenly the system volume got down vary low. Litterally, I could not able to follow in the out speakers. Usually this problem arise after I type 20/30 minutes. I can feel some delay in the Jaws typing echo and eventually the entire system volume, including that of all media players got dim. For getting back to normalcy, I need to re-boot the system. On the presumption of having infected by some viruses, I have several times formatted the system, but of no use. Now a days, these problem has become frequent so much so that, I could not type hardly longer than 5/10 minutes. Have anyone of you faced this strange crisis? What may be the problem? For resolving this, what I have to do? Your suggestions and guidance will be of immense help. Following are the particulars of my system. 
Processor/ AMD, Motherboard/ Asus, Ram 512 with a capacity of 40 GB. Looking forward to your valuable response. 
With Regards. 
harikodanad at gmail.com

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