[AI] difficulty in banking my experience

raghuraman thinkdontblink at gmail.com
Mon May 24 21:29:15 EDT 2010

friends, i struggled for a year to get an a t m card in i o b.
when i went to my i o b branch to get an application for obtaining an a t m, the manager gave it. 
but soon after knowing that it's for my purpose, he immediatly grabbed my form and tore it into pieces on the grounds that a visually impaired 
could not use a t m.
after this humillation, i went to thehead office  and lodged a complaint. 
though i cited many references from my side to obtain 
an a t m, the officers did not budge. 
finally the circular came from the r b i and stating it i got the a t m. 
still i struggle to get loans from indian bank and others. 
basically they lack awareness and could not accept the v i people as equalls. 
this is the real problem of the majority of the vi people face. 
cheers raghu

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