[AI] seeking techniques for editing and proofreading.

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Dear Govind and others: 

The documents are primarily for the purpose of practical exercise. They
are badly written documents and I shall guide you through an exercise
session on how to work on a document like that. The session will
primarily be about things I have mentioned in my previous mail. It would
cover everything from basic things you look for as a proof reader to
some very high end things such as style (which is basically how to write
various documents and what documents must contain) and flow (in case of
a longer writing exercise such as rports that may run for pages). I
shall deal with proof reading, editing and rewriting... with tips on
writing per sey. I shall write separately about the suitable dte and
take all your vote on fixing up the timing. 


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Dear Subramani sir,
Firstly my hearty thanks to you for extending your kind guidance in
this matter. I wish to be an active participant in this workshop for
various reasons.
I've a few doubts and suggestions.
1. What are we supposed to do with the documents you will be sending us?
Did you plan any exercises based on these documents? If so, It's good
if you send us the documents some time before the session begins.
2. When and how long the session is likely to be? I wish it would be
in the evening after 7 or 8.
1. Besides editing and proofreading, it would be fine if you could
include the email eteqettes as a part of these sessions. Because, it's
highly neglected in today's system. Many of us may not know the
procedures according to which an email has to be compiled.
2. Will the main focus only be on editing and proofreading? Could you
please lay a little more emphasis on the different types of writings
like Proposal writing, writing articles for news papers and websites,
SEO writing, product reviews, technical writing, instructional
designing (E-learning), and so on.
Regarding the material for technical writing, I'll give you the
support needed for this.
3. I wish you would run an online course keeping all these contents at
list three or two sessions  a week. So that it'll be easy for every
one to pickup the things, learn them and practice them at their free
Hope all these suggestions will be considered. I'll be a part of this
event and wish to extend all my co-operation if required.
Thanking you,

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With Warm Regards,
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