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harish harish at accessindia.org.in
Fri May 21 14:14:59 EDT 2010

Dear All

Thanks to all who have visited the new blog to discuss the new PWD bill. Suggestions and comments have been taken in.

We sent invitation to all members of the committee to participate in the blog. Now you have the power and voice to express your view point to the act which is going to determine a law which is going to concern you directly.

Please use this platform with responsibility and in the spirit it is meant for.

Don't consider that you are a small fly, your voice and opinion really matters and you need to express here.

However, please take some simple steps.

1 Go through all the topics and post in the correct topic.
2 Use correct subject line
  3 Prepare the text before hand, check it thoroughly and ensure it conveys what you meant to put across
4 Justify your point. The message field is of free size and there is no size restriction on it.
The design had primarily accessibility and ease of use. So, don't be scared to use it.

So, shape your law which is meant for you and shall effect you.
Harish Kotian
Blog: www.accessindia.org.in/harish/blog.htm

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