[AI] problem in facebook.

Yusuf Vohra dr.yusuf84 at gmail.com
Fri May 21 06:52:34 EDT 2010

hellow accessindians.
as the subject lines, I have one problem in facebook.
after registered my account when I login in the facebook, it comes
incorrect name.
instead of yusuf vohra, it comes yuf vohra.
I don't know, while display the name, whether I missed lettre s.
so now, how can I edit my name. when I pressed in the edit profile
link, I can't able to edit my name.
so please help me about this. and also I am totally new in the facebook.
so if anybody can teach me off the list, I will be very thankfull to them.
because I know, many of in this list are using facebook very good.
with warm regards,

Yusuf vohra
bazar road chhotaudepur
district vadodra
pin: 391165
mo: +919974749586
e-mail id:
dr.yusuf84 at gmail.com
skype id:

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