[AI] Fwd: Chapters of new disability legistaltion as drafted by DRG on blog

V. Jayakumar jayakumar.vaishnavi at gmail.com
Wed May 19 08:25:28 EDT 2010

Hi all,

The blog linked below is an initiative of a group of civil society
organisations. It is *not* in any way affiliated to the  MSJE / Committee to
draft the new PwD Law. (Or me!) This has been created to promote the
participation of NGOs, the public and other interested stakeholders in the
preparation of legislation and associated documentation (plans, concepts

*Kudos to them for this inclusive and forward looking approach!*

This is an electronic web-based environment to engage various stakeholders
by informing them, consulting with them, and involving them in draft act
preparation processes, preparing concepts, policy papers etc. This
'good-practice' initiative gives interested parties, especially individuals,
the possibility to involve  themselves in drafting acts and preparing
policy, since merely written consultation  (based on e-mails, written
correspondence, workgroups etc.) would not produce such a comprehensive
response. It is an environment for the fast creation of interest groups to
support or comment on the proposed new PwD Act process as a one-off action.
It is also a quick way to consult with stakeholders and receive their ideas
and suggestions.

The consultation process aims to collect opinions and standpoints in a
constructive manner. Feedback could range from critical comments on acts via
general supportive notes to comments on specific details. I anticipate that
as comments and interests are of varying natures and depths, they may not be
replied to individually. However I am sure that all comments and suggestions
will be gathered for analysis and internal consultations amongst draft act
preparatory teams.

Please check the
for fresh uploads, blog commenting guidelines, deadlines for
submitting feedback etc

Click* **here* <http://docs.google.com/View?id=dg3c54q3_79d6kdbjcp>* *to see
overall structure and chapterisation planned...it doesn't seem to be
uploaded as yet.

In the spirit of inclusion constructive feedback, I would like you all to
click* **here* <http://docs.google.com/View?id=d62j232_312c39mg4hf>* *to
access the excellent communication guidelines for inclusive change as
circulated by Amrit Kumar Bhakshy.


Please find below the link to a blog created by Diversity and Equal
Opportunity Centre on the draft chapters of the new Disability Act as
prepared by DRG. Some chapters are yet to finalised and will be uploaded


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