[AI] TED talks on inclusive planet

V. Jayakumar jayakumar.vaishnavi at gmail.com
Tue May 18 23:10:43 EDT 2010

Hi Simon,

That's wonderful news about TED on inclusive planet! TED has been showcasing
truly impressive, memorable content past few years.


I do have a suggestion...

TED has tied up with dotsub for subtitling in multiple languages. Here's a
brief about dotsub.com for those  who have not heard about it:

dotSUB is the world's leading solution for creating, translating, and
rendering multiple language subtitles for videos across all platforms.

Our collaborative tools and proprietary back end Project Management System
makes it possible to manage complex multiple language translation projects
easier, faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

A full suite of integration tools and a Software Development Kits (SDK)
makes it possible for our partners to deploy dynamic subtitles to video
players, mobile devices, as well as transcription and video editing

How about setting up an online volunteering system of subtitling in Indian
languages? Would truly be inclusive then in every sense of the word. I have
trialled this already for a research project on mental health. Online
volunteers from as far away as Dubai translated scanned questionnaires into
English after agreeing to a confidentiality clause (also online). They also
counterchecked other translator's work as a further quality check.
Worked like a dream!

Looking forward to the forums feedback on how we can make this happen,



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