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Simon Jacob - Inclusive Planet simon.jacob at inclusiveplanet.com
Tue May 18 11:10:35 EDT 2010

Dear Access Indians,

I wanted to share that TED Talks are now available on Inclusive Planet. TED
is small non profit which has revolutionised the world by spreading powerful
ideas, in the areas of design, entertainment and technology. I am a big fan
of TED Talks, as they provide great insights and knowledge into a variety of
topics, and moreover its also entertaining and fun to listen to. The audio
quality is pretty good, so its a pleasure to listen to.

Here's the link to the TED Channel
http://www.inclusiveplanet.com/en/group/559043 For all those who are music
lovers on the list, do remember to listen to the performance of the
prodigious Sirena, a 11 year old violinist
http://www.inclusiveplanet.com/en/channelpost/560455 . For marketing buffs,
don't miss the talk by Seth Godin

For all those who are not members of Inclusive Planet, I just wanted to
share that the channel structure is open to all. So you can read the posts,
and also use the flash player to listen to files even if you are not
registered on the site. Only for commenting and downloading files is the
logging in required. Of course it would be great if more members join the
conversations, and share your own collection of files.

Hope you guys enjoy the TED Talks. We are also working to get more
interesting content on Inclusive Planet in accessible formats. If anyone of
you has any ideas, or suggestions, please feel free to drop me a mail.

Warm Regards,
Simon Jacob

Together, there are no barriers
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