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On 5/17/10, Kanchan Pamnani <kanchanpamnani at gmail.com> wrote:
> Rajesh
> I havent been checking my mails recently so I dont seem to have read any
> discussion on scribes recently. There are some points I d like to bring to
> the attention of the readers from Maharashtra. I think you know these.
>   I am quite shocked with your friend's experience.
> The Maharashtra SSC board is governed by the Guidelines of the Bombay High
> Court dated December 2006. these are the only comprehensive guidelines
> anywhere in India. I had said while drafting these guidelines that they are
> not the final words on the subject and would be improved upon in course of
> time. Anyway nothing further has happened.
> However good or bad these guidelines are, they are the only guidelines on
> the subject. They are fairly clear and there are hardly any ambiguities and
> there should not be arbitarieness.
> Nagpur or any village examination and every Examining Authority in
> Maharashtra is governed by these guidelines.
> 1. The Application form must mention the column for scribe.
> 2. The candidate must be allowed to arange a scribe. Only if the candidate
> cant arrange one then the examining authority must arrange one.
> 3. We have enough experience with the kinds of scribe provided by Examining
> Authority so i dont know why your friend did not write to the Board and get
> his scribe approved.
> The normal procedure is that once you are visually challenged you write to
> the Board via your school and ask for the rules and tell the Examining
> Authority much before the exam. You have to submit details about your
> scribe.
> It has been a common practise in Mumbai to submit the scribes bonafide
> certificate, copy of i card etc.
> Get the approval letter from the Examining Body and then carry that letter
> everyday when you give the exams.
> I dont think your friend followed the procedure. I have no idea about the
> precedent.
> yes I am aware that the Examining authority started by making the mistake on
> the application form itself but your friend had to be most cautious.  I know
> what a tough world it is for us. I live it every minute. The only words that
> come to my mind is that I wasnt promised a rose garden but the thorns really
> hurt and unfortunately they keep hurting all our lives. There is no respite
> from the pain of being visually challenged and living in this world  You
> have no idea about the effort that I make every morning to psych myself into
> believing that the day will work out.
> Most of the times it does work out . Therefore I do advise everyone on this
> group to look hopefully at things and not cynically before things even
> become a mess.
>  Therefore glitches like the one you described do come up. However a little
> or maybe lots of effort before the event would have saved him the heartbreak
> later.
> Recently Vishal Jain had to fight a battle about scribes.  Garima had to do
> so in her own way. For Sameer we had to go to court. In another case that is
> for Kritika although the issue was much larger we ensured that she had the
> benefit of the guidelines. We did not wait for the government to make a
> mistake we were proactive.
> I always advise Pranay to cover this issue in November on eyeway so that
> corespondence can be started early.This has helped many students.
>   Try to challenge the exams in Court and in any event lodge your protest
> with the authorities.
> If you dont have the guidelines let me know I will email it to you. Cant
> attach them to accessindia mails.
> Kanchan
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>> Friends
>> We were discussing here last week about the issue and everyone was assured
>> that in SSC exam of may 16th, SSC will provide the scribe, as it has done
>> in past.
>> Now, I want to know the experience of examinees yesterday, whether
>> suitable scribe was in fact provided, and if at all any scribe was
>> provided.
>> Here, in Nagpur a friend of mine had to undergo agony as they flatly
>> refused to provide any scribe at the eleventh hour and asked him to
>> arrange his own.
>> When I reached the venue with scribe for him, the refused to permit him to
>> write the exam, as the prescribed time of half an hour for reporting was
>> over!!!
>> Finally, I had to intervene in my usual cynical way to make them admit him
>> for the exam!!!!!
>> Now, whether at other centers similar tales are repeated, or as usual
>> scribe was provided, suitable or not that's another story...But at least
>> in Nagpur this injustice was done.
>> If anybody wants to say that it is a random incident confined to limited
>> area like Nagpur, then please do not reply to this thread,
>> The point I am trying to make is that arbitrariness prevails pertaining to
>> scribe issue.
>> In fact SSC ad did not mention about scribe, and all of us had assumed
>> that like previous years, they would do the need full.
>> All this we are suffering because of lack of any clarity on scribe issue.
>> Let us, while suggesting for a brand new law, thrash out all these
>> absurdities...
>> Regards
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Hello friend, as per yestarday's exam
We haven't face any problem in bangalore.
But my concern is quality of scribe.
Last year one of my friend faced same problem
We all of us object.
And let us fight together.
Best regard,

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