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Satguru Rathi tarannumrathi at gmail.com
Fri May 14 03:55:21 EDT 2010

for the benifit of Renuka and others who might be encountering the same 

--taken from the FAQs page of the Google SMS channel service---

I'm a  registered user, but I don't receive any messages. What do I do?

Please make sure that you are subscribed to at least a few channels that are 
posting messages, your SMS Center number is correct, your mobile SMS Inbox 
is empty, you have not blocked or screened the Google SMS Channels number, 
you are not subscribed to the 'Do not Disturb' facility, your maximum 
message per day is not set to '0', and your "Start Time:" is less than the 
"End Time:" on your 'Settings' tab.
If you have not visited the web SMS channels web site 
Http://labs.google.co.in/smschannels or have not sent any SMS to 9870807070 
from your mobile at least once in six months, your account may be 
deactivated. If your account was idle, you would have received an alert on 
your mobile asking you to reply. To reactivate your account, send the 
command 'ACTV' to 9870807070 from your mobile or login in with your gmail ID 
and go to the SMS channels page.
If you still do not receive messages, please post a message to the Google 
SMS Channels Discussion Group to request help.

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hi friends,
Yesterday, I received the following s m s from 9870807070

"To continue receiving messages from google s m s channels,reply actv.
otherwise, messages will notbe be sent after 5 days".  Since there was
no number mentioned in the message, I simply replyed to the sender.
But today also I received the same message, only the difference that
the number of days has been reduced to 4.  Now what should I do?  To
which number should I send the reply?  A speedy reply is solicited.
With regards,

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