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Thu May 13 10:09:47 EDT 2010

This forum is a great place to refer for any RTI queries.

Pls find below, the specific PIO for your query..complete list here

Smt. Nidhi Khare
Director (DD-III & IV)
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment,
Shastri Bhawan,
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,
New Delhi - 110001 (India)
Phone: 23383464
Email: dir-ddiii.wel at nic.in

All matters pertaining to:

(i) Implementation of PWD Act, 1995,
(ii) Scheme and Court Cases,
(iii) Follow up on National Policy,
(iv) Web accessibility for PWDs,
(v) Amendment of PWD Act, 1995
(vi) CCD office,
(vii) SRD Court Cases,
(viii) International Co-ordination - UN Convention, GPDD. Bilateral
(ix) S&T Mission Mode
(x) Employment in Organised Sector Scheme,
xi) RCI.
(xii) National Trust,
(xiii) National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation,
(xiv) National Fund and Scholarship,
(xv) Co-ordination of DD Division,
(xvi) DDRCs,
(xvii) Trust Fund, and
(xviii) Monthly Report.

Appelate authorities list is

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