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SC Vashishth subhashvashishth at gmail.com
Thu May 13 02:18:27 EDT 2010

Hi every one,
I echo what Kanchan has suggested as a ground rule. However, AICB's
experience has been that it has received replies from all other quarters
whenever it applied for information under RTI, though a few states in north
east have responded in negative to the applications filed by Organisations
representing a group of persons.

But it is advised that the users should always fill the name of a person
rather than name of organisation against the column "Name of the Applicant".
The person can use the name of the organisation and its address in the
address column.

Also it is advised not to write the RTI application on the organisation
letter pad. Just write on a simple A-4 size paper.Hope this clears the

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