[AI] which is better to join, TISS or IIM Indore?

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Hi Goma,

Congratulations! Its an achievement indeed!

I had gone through a similar situation in 2005, when I was deciding between
IIM K and FMS. I ended up taking IIMK. I can empathize with your confusion,
as that was a confusing period for me indeed.But one thing is for sure,
whatever decision you take, it will be great for you, as both are fantastic
institutions. So there is no right or wrong.

The first thing which you will need to decide is the area you want to major
or specialise in. Because each of the institutes has its own strengths and
weaknesses depending upon the area of specialization. At a broad level, if
you are clear that you want to specialise in PMIR/HR, then TISS seems to
have the upper hand. However, on the other hand if you intend to major in
any other category i.e finance, marketing, operations, strategy etc, then
the IIM Indore would be a better bet.

The final decision is something you will have to take, I am listing down
the positives for both institutions, which will help you make the decision.


   1. If you are clear that you want to major in HR or PMIR then the course
   at TISS is one of the best in the country. The only other college which is
   equally reputed for HR courses is XLRI.. As TISS is focused on the PMIR/HR
   course, thus you will get access to the best of faculty, study material,
   better peer group who are focussed on HR careers and so on.
   2. TISS has been running the PMIR course for a long time, hence has a
   very strong alumni network. the alumni network and the TISS brand thus helps
   in placements in the HR field.
   3. Location: Since its in Mumbai, the industry interaction, easy to
   access to companies to do projects is a plus point.
   4. Fees: During my time the fees of TISS was almost 2 lacs lesser than
   other institutes. And now with the fees of IIMs going up, the difference
   might be even bigger. I don't have the latest data, so please verify this
   5. Batch Size: During my time TISS had a small batch size of around 30.
   Therefore in any good or bad placement year, the placement remains fairly
   consistent, in other words its easier to get placed with a smaller batch.
   Again please verify this point, as I tried to search the site for the
   current batch size but couldn't get it.

For IIM Indore

   1. Like you mentioned the brand IIM is indeed a big brand, and you get
   branded for life
   2. If you are not very sure about HR, and are keen on other
   specialisations especially marketing and finance, then IIM Indore will
   definitely offer a larger variety of courses to choose from.
   3. Larger batch size of IIM Indore has the positive effect in terms of a
   larger network, greater batch interaction, peer to peer learning and a lot
   more fun.
   4. Younger Institutes like IIM Indore tend to be more vibrant and full of
   activities. As the students strive extra hard to build their institute
   brand, and get noticed when compared to the older institutes. This is
   something I had personally felt when I was part of IIM K. The amount of
   activities we would be involved in was much higher than the established

Hope this helps. Like I said there is no right or wrong :) Congrats once

By the way you should get in touch with Rajesh Mehta, who is a TISS Alumnus
and works with IBM HR.  Also check on Pagalguy.com I am sure you will find
some people who would have faced a similar situation to yours.

Do let me know if you need any other inputs.

Warm Regards,


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First of all Congratulations!!!

The final choice is yours, consider the facts like, placement, expenses,
scholarships, and the most important availability of study Material in
accessible format.
Talk to the pass outs of the institutes, there are a couple on the list and
I know for sure you know some of them personally.

My vote is for TISS


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Hi friends.

I am seeking for your valuable suggestions. I could make to the final
selection admission list of prestigious Institute of both TISS, Mumbai and
IIM Indore by the grace of God. Now I am unable to decide which to join as
HR in TISS is best in itself and is even performing at power in industry and
on the other hand as the brand name of IIM matters the most. IIMS means
IIMS. Plz help me to decide.

Regards, goma

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