[AI] Census in 2011, currently only NPR & houselisting

V. Jayakumar jayakumar.vaishnavi at gmail.com
Tue May 11 07:44:06 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Question on disability will be asked only at the time of census which will
be Feb 2011.
What's happening now is houselisting (type of house, bathroom, water etc)
which happens every census) and for the first time National Population
register enumeration (this will feed into the unique id project headed by
Nandan Nilekani)

These links will explain things better than I did ;-) Questions asked in the
first 2 rounds


Data to be collected in Houselisting Operations
The Enumerators will collect various data on households, they are :
House numbers
Condition of the house
Total number of residents
Ownership status of the house
Availability of drinking water
Source of drinking water
Latrines within the premises
Type of latrines
Waste water outlet
Fuel used for cooking, radio
Cell phone
Car/jeep/van, and
Availability of banking services

 Data to be collected for National Population Register [NPR]
The data for NPR is also collected along with the Enumeration data from
April 15th to June 1st, there are around 15 questions to be asked for the
sake of NPR, they are :
Name of the person
Relationship to head
Father's name
Mother's name
Spouse's house
Date of birth
Marital status
Place of birth
Nationality as declared
Present address of usual residence
Duration of stay at present address
Permanent residential address, and
Occupation/activity and education qualification
[Hence the responsibility of the residents to give only authenticated data,
as the NPR in turn help the citizens to provide UID, which is nothing but
our own identity.]

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> Dear all,
> I am sadden to note that Sensus official came to my home yesterday and took
> data related to Sensus.  I am anguish to point out that they did not ask
> any
> question with regard to disability but they did ask question related to
> such as SC/ ST/ others.  It is indeed horrifying to note that there is no
> official data on disability.  We really failed as far as lobbying for
> disability being included in national sensus. It?s too late to lobby for
> inclusion. Hope I am wrong.
> Regards
> Asif
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