[AI] Travel in disability coach

Dr Jalaja jalajakumarits at gmail.com
Mon May 10 12:57:57 EDT 2010

Hello all,
              I was given reservation for the disability coach on 9 may , and the journey was from 9.20 p m onwards. From the station we got information thet the disability coach was in front but on arrival of train it is located at the back side .We reported to the guard and entered into it and all bearths were occupied by the public without disability In the next station I complained to the guard regarding this and he is not willing to vaccate them  and moreover the partition between the general compartment and D C is not in a position to get locked so the passengers from general compartment can easily  enter into the d coach . Instead of taking action the guard started threatening us and also there is abuse from the public We asked the railway complaint register and the guard is not willing to give it.  At 2 a m the guard changed and that person with a railway police came there and after a lot of struggle the other passengers were vaccated  and the bearth was allotted to us 
           I am going to register a complaint to the sub division officer .I want to know whether we can go to consumer court  with the complaint
              with regards-------Jalaja?      

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