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Hello all

As you guys have now teamed up for the programming course, it is time to 
wean away traffic on this topic from the AI list.

Harish Kotian.

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Greate job Kartik  - good syllabus - now one more problem is - do we
work on windows or linux- for example i had a long chat with mukesh
and he is more comfortable with windows

where as Lilya. is willing to shift to linux
I am just wondering what to do - because i guess most of the books
available presume that you are working on linux... any suggestions?

On Sat, May 8, 2010 at 10:20 PM, Kartik Sawhney
<sawhney.kartik at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have tried to create an outline for the entire course, and have
> tried to address all your concerns. Well, I hope it has gone too much
> official. Yet, you may like it, and kindly me changes to it. It'll be
> a great thing if all the members can gain something from this course.
> Hope you find it useful a bit!
> -Kartik.
> On 5/8/10, Jayant Mahajan <mejayant at gmail.com> wrote:
>> hey kartik
>> that will be wonderful - I am sssooooo happy to see that the list of
>> intrested people is growing
>> we need to freez on 1. syllabus 2. what langauge- i am lookin at c++
>> to begin with, 3. durations and mile stones 4. way to ensure that we
>> all r learning that is exams etc..
>> lets all of us make this endover a success - a free online copmputer
>> programing course.
>> On Sat, May 8, 2010 at 10:08 AM, Kartik Sawhney
>> <sawhney.kartik at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am Kartik and I am too very passionate about programming and would
>>> love to learn it. I have some basic knowledge about VB. Although I
>>> live in India, can I still join in for the online training that is
>>> being conducted? Kindly let me know!
>>> Regards,
>>> -Kartik.

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