[AI] hi members i am in need of novels of taslima nasreen for my phd resurch work the list is here

Sasi Kumar c.sasikumar84 at gmail.com
Sat May 8 20:59:51 EDT 2010

•	 Oporpokkho (Opposition), 1992
•	Shodh (Revenge), 1992
•	Nimontron (Invitation), 1993

•	Phera (Return), 1993
•	Bhromor Koio Gia (Tell Him The Secret), 1994
•	Forashi Premik (French Lover), 2002

if these books are in soft copies please help me by sending them
thank you

c.sasikumar84 at gmail.com
skipe id sasikumar84
mobile 09966334769

land line 0877-2237248

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