[AI] provisions for issuing lic policies for PWDs

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Sat May 8 14:40:47 EDT 2010

hello list,
this time I seek for your valuable opinion on my below mentioned
query. This is related to LIC policy ffor the persons with

In this connection, I would like to know that :
1 once I submit my proposal to any LIC agent how much time it takes
place ffor the LIC to issue the policy to the persons with visual
2  what are the procedures for ggrievances and redressals for not
issuing the policy without giving any reasons?
3 do we have to submit our medical report through the prescribed lic
doctor ffor eye check up? If yes, what are the conditions for getting
rejected in such medical test?

I am raising these queries because recently  I have been facing
certain problems to apply for LIC policy.

Few days back, I have applied ffor one policy through LIC called
jeevansaral. I have submitted my all required documents including
proof of residence, photo identity, disability cerrttifficatte and
passport size photograph. I have handed over these documents to LIC
agent and filled up the proposal form for the aforesaid policy. On
enquiring about medical test, my agent informed me that you need not
appear for any medical test as you have already submitted your
certificate of disability. But after few days, my agent asked me to
come to doctor for medical test. So I have appeared ffor two tests,
one ffor body check up and another  for eye check up.

Out of these two tests, doctor taking body check up test immediately
completed all the required formalities and when my agent took me to
another doctor for eye check up the doctor refused  to proceed with
eye check up as they informed that they are not authorized to give the
recommendations  for lic policies. So we had to run around several
such opthomologists but all in vain for same reasons. At last, one
doctor checked my eyes and prepared the eye report but without making
any signatures or seals.

My agent informed me  that we need not worry as we will get it  done
in few days. But when I have not received any replies from my agent I
have immediately applied for refund  of my proposal amount to lic and
took back the said amount from lic. While taking the refunds, I got to
learn from the manager of the lic branch that my agent has not kept up
to date her targets  hence, you were  not been able to get your policy
till now and on his recommendations, I applied once again for the same
policy with other agent. But to my surprise, this ttime too I am not
able to get proper reply either through agency or my agent. As per my
agent information, these kind of cases such as, issuing policy to the
persons with disability especially  to blind persons are of critical
nature hence, it takes lot of ttime. As per my agency information on
the other hand, my papers are not yet submitted to branch for putting
up proposal.

So I am very confused  about this situations and hence, requesting you
to kindly advice me in this matter.  I have narrated this incidence in
detail so as to give clear view and to seek valuable advice from the
learned members on the list.

Your kind cooperation in this regard would be highly obliged.

Mukesh jain
Mukesh.jain57 at gmail.com
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