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Subject: Fwd: [MhaReformIndia:36] Fw: NEWS FLASH: Govt says OK to new law for PWD instead of patched up amendment
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Its great that the MSJE has announced for a new law. But we need clarity on the following:

1. One New Law instead of 4 Laws.
2. The profile of the members on the committee for new law announced and whether the constitution of the committee will reflect the concept of cross disability and will upheld the principle of UNCRPD in letter and spirit.

The sector need to work on :

1. Lobby with MSJE for more clarity and public notification on the proposed New Law and its processes.
2.Lobby to get in our choice of representatives in case if we find the committee to be under / un represented.

Lets join hands and work towards "optimum utilisation of the opportunity"

Thanks and Regards

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 8:04 PM, captainjohann <bjsamuhanand at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

Dear Ms.Vaishnavi Jayakumar,

what should be our role in futurre?

"Greatness lies not in never falling but in rising everytime we fall"
Captain Johann samuhanand,  BANGALORE  INDIA
91 80  42023252   

--- On Wed, 5/5/10, V. Jayakumar <jayakumar.vaishnavi at gmail.com> wrote:

From: V. Jayakumar <jayakumar.vaishnavi at gmail.com>
Subject: NEWS FLASH: Govt says OK to new law for PWD instead of patched up amendment

Passing on some wonderful news via DRA (Disability Rights Alliance), Tamil Nadu

"Government has wholeheartedly agreed to PWD demand for a New Law :-)
A committee has been formed. Dr. Sudha Kaul will chair. Others there include G. Syamala, Merry Barua and Jayshree Raveendran...." Javed Abidi

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