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Thank you, boss. This is really useful. So nice of you to paste it here.

At 09:45 AM 08-05-10, you wrote:
>It cannot be dowloaded as a single file.
>You have to go to the separate page one-byone and copy and paste the tutorial.
>I am pasting here the entire tutorial for all the Access Indians.
>Facebook basic navigation with a screen reader
>Facebook is navigable and it's main functions are completely
>accessible with a screen reader. You just need to know what to look
>for and how to interact with the Facebook layout.
>Screen reader users do not need to use "mobiel" mode.
>Within your Facebook page there is a lot of information which is
>irrelevent, so be prepared to skip over it and find the stuff you
>really want/need.
>The following tips and tricks will have you interacting with Facebook
>in no time.
>Reading posts and status updates
>When you log into Facebook, you are, by default, on your Facebook "home" page.
>The page is divided into many headings. You can move through the
>headings by pressing the letter H. The first heading we are concerned
>with is the heading level 2 titled, "News feed".
>Just above the News Feed heading are 2 possible links.
>These are
>1.      "most recent" and
>2.      "top news".
>Think of these 2 links as a toggle.
>Activate the "most recent" link to sort the updates, which will be
>listed further down the page.
>This list will be sorted chronologically from most recent to oldest.
>Just press the letter H to move from one post heading to the nexct.
>Activate the "top news" link to view a random list showing posts by a
>selection of your friends FB updates.
>All Facebook posts are listed beginning with a heading containing your
>friend's name, so move through these updates by pressing the letter H.
>If there is a particular update or "news story", you are interested
>in, you can arrow down to find out more information, make comments on
>the information, indicate that you "like" the post, or view others
>comments listed about the post.
>Older posts
>After skipping through the headings/status updates, that is to say the
>Facebook posts from your friends, you will eventually loop back to the
>top of your page.
>You can extend the list of these Facebook "news stories" by finding
>and activating the link titled "this page link older posts".
>This will add more of your friend's stories to the bottom of the list
>you were just viewing. This means you will have to navigate back down
>to that spot in order to view them.
>Tip: To quicly find the "older posts" link, you can use your links list or:
>Perform a text search for the word "older".
>•       Press Ctrl F.
>•       A dialogue box will appear. Enter the word "older" and press Enter.
>•       Focus will move to the word/link "older posts".
>•       Pressing Enter will activate the "older posts" link thus adding
>older posts to the current list of your Facebook friend's postings.
>Commenting on, and liking Facebook posts.
>Your Facebook friend news feed posts might simply be what's on their
>mind, and these posts could also include links to videos, articles,
>other interesting Web pages etc.
>If you come across one of your Facebook friend's posts, and you want
>to comment on it, arrow down to the edit "write a comment...edit".
>Type your comment, Tab to the post comment button and press spacebar.
>Often times, however, there will not be a "write your comment" edit
>box. There will in this case simply be the word "comment". meaning
>it's not a link or an edit field. If this is the case:
>•  move to the word "comment" directly beneath the heading associated
>with that particular post.
>•  Arrow over to the letter O in comment, and press Enter.
>•  An edit box will open so press the letter E to move to the edit
>field, turn forms mode on and type your comment.
>•  To post your comment, press Tab to move focus to the "comment
>button", and press spacebar.
>To view comments
>Beneath your friend's posts others might have made comments.
>By default, Facebook will show 2 of these comments. You can arrow down
>to have your screen reader read these.
>If, however, there are more than 2 comments, you can press spacebar on
>the "view all comments" button.
>The page will refresh and all comments will then be displayed.
>Changing your Facebook status
>To change your Facebook status
>•       From your Facebook hoem page, press the letter E, to move to the
>edit field labelled, "what's on your mind?".
>•       Type whatever you like. Remember that your name is preceeded by the
>text you type.
>•       Tab to the "share button" and press spacebar
>Note: You can paste a link URL as part of your status update and it
>will become an active link.
>How to find your Facebook friends.
>This tutorial will help you find a list of your Facebook friends, how
>to send them messages and wall posts.
>To find your Facebook friends, just follow these steps:
>1.      From your Facebook home page, activate the "profile" link.
>2.      Beneath the heading titled "Friends", there is a link titled, "Show
>all". Activate this link.
>3.      A new page will open with links to your friends listed
>alphabetically (first name, last name).
>If you have more than 35 friends, your list will be divided onto
>another Web page.
>to find the next group of your friends, follow these steps:
>•       It is important that, for some reason, that you use ythe "links
>list" for this.
>So, JAWS users press Insert F7, and Window Eyes users press Shift Tab.
>•       There are 3 links directly above the 
>very first name in your list of friends.
>These are titled differently for everyone so we'll refer to them as,
>first, second and third.
>The second link will generate a new page with the next group of your friends.
>•       the first of these 3 links will go back to the previous group of
>your friends.
>Sending messages to your Facebook friends.
>Once you have clicked on a friend's name, their Facebook page will
>open. You can either send them a message, or write on their wall.
>to send them a message:
>•       Activate the link titled, "send (your friend's name) a message".
>•       A new page will open. Press the letter E until you arrive at the
>edit field titled, "subject".
>•       You can enter a subject title, and/or then TAB to the next edit
>field which will be where you will enter your message to your friend.
>•       Now TAB to the link titled, "send" and press Enter.
>to write on your friend's Facebook wall.
>Once you have opened a friend's Facebook page, move focus to the very
>top of the page.
>•       Press the letter E twice, to move focus to the 2nd edit field. This
>edit field will be labelled, "write something".
>•       turn forms mode on and type a short wall post.
>•       Press Tab to move focus to the "share" 
>button, and then press spacebar.
>the button is labelled, "share" because wall posts are "shared",
>meaning that everyone can see them.
>Where's my Facebook Wall?
>To access your Facebook Wall:
>•       From your Facebook home page, activate the link titled "profile".
>•       Your Facebook profile page will open.
>Activate the link titled "Wall".
>•       The page will refresh with your Wall postings listed below.
>Facebook Wall posts are listed with headings, so like your home page,
>you can move through Wall posts with the letter H.
>To view older Wall posts, activate the link titled, "older posts".
>To return to your Facebook Home page, activate the link titled "Home>
>How to change your Facebook profile picture
>Now that you're on Facebook, you might want others to see what you
>look like, or instead, show an image that represents you.
>What's the point?
>When others see your name in their list of friends, there is also a
>thumbnail view of your "profile picture".
>If you haven't uploaded one, there will simply be a question mark
>instead of a photo.
>To continue, you will need a picture of yourself stored somewhere on
>your computer. This file should be either a .jpg or .gif file. If
>you're not sure how to do this, simply have a friend or relative take
>a digital photo of you, and have them email it to you or give it to
>you on a memory stick. Make sure it is named something so that you
>will easily identify it, for example, my pic for facebook.jpg.
>Here's how to change your Facebook profile picture:
>1.      After you have logged onto your Facebook page, activate the link
>titled Profile.
>2.      Next, activate the link titled Photos.
>3.      Activate the link titled Profile pictures.
>4.      Now activate the link titled Change Profile picture.
>5.      After the page refreshes, you will move to, and activate the link
>titled, profile picture.
>6.      Here you can either choose from existing profile pictures, if you
>have already uploaded some, or, move to and activate the browse
>7.      Here you will be presented with a typical route directory of your
>computer. Tab to the location and file name for the picture you want
>to use as your Facebook profile picture.
>8.      Once you choose the picture you want to use, Tab to the Open button
>and press ENTER.
>9.      Check the bbox with your Spacebar to indicate that you have the
>right to use the image, and then Tab to the Upload Picture button,
>press spacebar, to activate the button, and it's done.
>Madhav Chandra Das
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