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Please read information on Inclusive Planet basted below:

What is Inclusive Planet?
Inclusive Planet enables persons with visual and print impairment to share 
accessible content with each other, build conversations around the 
experience and make friends amongst the global print impaired community. It's 
as simple as that. promise :)

Sharing is Caring! Even though a lot of important governmental and 
non-governmental initiatives to make content accessible have been taken, 
globally the amount of content which is accessible is still less than 5%! 
Inclusive Planet looks at solving the problem of lack of accessible content, 
by handing the power back to the community. If persons with visual and print 
impairment share some of the relevant accessible content which they have 
accumulated over the years and connect with other people with similar needs, 
then we have a solution like no other. Then we have a solution not just to 
the problem of quantity of accessible content but also an answer to specific 
needs across the world. Sharing is Caring!
Inclusive Planet has been built file by file, by the members who have shared 
their collection of accessible content. We started from scratch, and today 
our users have shared over fifteen thousand files. From books to class 
notes, journals to cooking tips, product reviews to personal stories. 
Inclusive Planet is all about the small stuff, but on a really large scale. 
Start contributing to the community by sharing your personal collection
Check out one of the most viewed files on Inclusive Planet .

Fulfill Requests
Inclusive Planet is all about helping each other find accessible content. 
You can request for content which you had been searching for and if any of 
the members already have it in their collections, they would go ahead and 
fulfill your requests.

Conversations Sharing is only half the fun at Inclusive Planet; you can 
start or join conversations around shared content. For example, Jose from 
Brazil shares his law school research, and Lee Kyun from Korea wants to know 
how to go about writing her graduation paper, then they have a conversation 
around it and students worldwide can learn from their discussion.
Check out one of the recent conversations on Inclusive Planet

Friends Inclusive Planet is more fun when you have friends over, you can 
check if your friends are already here or make sure you get them here. 
Moreover, Inclusive Planet is also a place to make new friends. Now, if you 
share your personal collections, and are also part of the conversations then 
you are bound to make friends in the process!

Creating a profile on Inclusive Planet is the first step towards connecting 
to everyone on Inclusive Planet. Check out the some of the profiles from the 
introduction wall to get a feeler about the diversity of people present on 
Inclusive Planet

in a nutshell
So now that you have an idea about what you can do on Inclusive Planet, we 
also wanted to tell you that this is a live project. You become a part of a 
remarkable little revolution that is trying to bring together a community 
from the farthest of reaches to solve the problems related to accessible 
content. This then becomes your baby and will be shaped by what you think 
and believe it should be. While we will strive to provide the best platform 
from a technical stand-point, YOU will be the engine that drives it.
This brings us to the end of the site tour, hope you enjoy your stay on 
Inclusive Planet

join Inclusive Planet

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> hello,
> guide me something about inclusive planat. what is this and how can i join 
> it?
> With regards,
> Bijal
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