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Whose spectrum is it any way?
The auction of  Indian 3G spectrum is expected to wind down this week,
giving way, to the auction of   ( non cellular) broadband wireless
access spectrum. "Wind down" may be the wrong phrase to use in a
scenario where the upward spiral of galloping bids has reached dizzy
levels - over Rs 1000 crores for each of the  major metros   --that is
ten billion rupees or approximately US$ 200 million - and all-India
licences  are going for ten times this amount. 
The Telecom Minister appears in the print media, every other day and his
main contribution , one may be forgiven for concluding, is to provide a
breathless update to the projected final total  revenue of all bids: He
has been  regularly improving' his estimates  and has been quoted by
some of the business newspapers, hazarding a guess that the 3G licenses
alone  could end up topping 50,000 crores or 500 billion rupees .
That's a lot of moolah for the sarkar's piggy bank - and the beauty is,
government has had to do almost nothing to create this   lucrative milch
cow: it is an intangible asset   created by the Internet Age we live
in... an opportunistic windfall for the government which happens to be
in power, in the right place, at the right moment.
One can therefore empathise with its determination to realise such huge
revenues in short order, by a process that should be perceived to be
fair and uncontroversial.   But does government's duty end with its role
as  an efficient,   gavel-wielding auctioneer? Or has it a larger
obligation to ensure that the  technology and infrastructure that will
hopefully become available, by unfettering all this bandwidth, meets its
own often-stated goals for its citizens? 
There seems to be a clear and present danger that government has not
quite applied its mind to the unravelling the complexities that might
well result from   the technological free-for-all, the
up-for-the-highest-bidder processes that it has set in motion - and one
is thinking here,   of the imminent auction of Broadband Wireless Access
(BWA) spectrum rather than of the 3G auction where the technology is
pretty well defined.
By not laying down a clear technology path for BWA,  government seems to
be showing a touching faith in the bidding parties : that they will
deploy technology that will make commercial sense and will also be in
the larger interests of Indian customers. Is such faith warranted in a
hardboiled business environment,  where large global players with
goals, sometimes inseparable from the national interests of their home
countries,   vie for a share of the Indian broadband pie? 
Telecom technology today,  is a game of rapidly shifting goal-posts,
where    the late media guru Marshall McLuhan's famous words   seem so
prescient: 'If it works, it's obsolete'.   Can we be quite sure that the
world's last big telecom opportunity that India represents, is not used
( or misused) as a   testing ground for new, tentative or unproven
technologies, before they are considered for more mature markets? Is
there a price we may have to pay - later --   for the intellectual
property regime of a particular technology, that may turn out to be less
benign that we had imagined?   When one commands  as big a market as
India does, it gives one a lot of leverage to gently persuade successful
bidders into dovetailing one's national goals with their own
techno-commercial aspirations. 
And what about security? The Finance Minister   admitted in Parliament
last week, during the debate on telephone tapping,  that our expertise
in electronic security and surveillance is way behind some other
nations, whom  he didn't name. All the more reason,   for putting
national security at the top of the list, of considerations that should
outweigh the purely commercial, when the   winners are declared this
month, in India's auction of wireless spectrum.
It's great that so much money will be available, for the public good in
coming months. But let's remind ourselves of where exactly that good
lies, for the billion-plus Indians in whose name this massive  national
asset is being sold.
PS: Apologies for the gap since the last newsletter; we were overwhelmed
by  the number of new subscription requests and have had to  engineer
some swift upscaling of our mailing arrangements. Things are in control
now. We are thrilled at the response -- and humbled.
AAAh! BSNL opts for indigenous software for its WiMAX rollout.
Ahmedabad-based Telecom Software provider, Elitecore Technologies will
see its Authentication, authorization, and accounting  Network & Session
Control Software -EliteAAA - fuelling the roll out of BSNL's WiMAX
Steering the Indian semiconductor industry...  We put  faces  to the new
team at ISA
The world's biggest B2B ecommerce operation, Alibaba.com has created a
sister site for the small guys: AliExpress  -- and it should appeal to
Indian micro and small traders
Mobile Internet in India: a special report commissioned by Opera, the
browser people:
Nokia dominates the Indian handset scene - the top ten Opera mini users
are Nokia phones. 
Google, Orkut and Yahoo are the top  sites visited by Indians. 
We're with you to make IT happen: Karnataka to Animation industry
The Karnataka government plans to make the state the preferred
destination for the nation's animation and gaming industry... for
starters, it is listening as industry speaks of its wish list.
WiMAX, best broadband bet for India?
They seemed to think so - at a rare coming together in Delhi,  of almost
every major telecom player who has a stake in the ongoing auction of 3G
and WiMAX broadband spectrum .
Now, do a mock CET with your mobile!
Bangalore-based technology startup Ipomo, , has created an interactive
mock Common Entrance Test which students can access on their mobile
Chennai student Supreeth wins India leg of Microsoft's  Imagine Cup
2010; will travel  to Poland for global finals in July.
Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Bollywood, Sufi, Indipop, Indian Classical,
Devotional, Ghazals, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi and
Bhojpuri..... Indian  edition of Ovi Music  is all-you-can-eat music
site for Nokia music  phone owners
For home WiFi : the smallest-ever  USB  wireless network adapter
Networking solutions provider D-Link has launched its new wireless
network adapter- in India. The Wireless N Nano USB Adapter(DWA-131),
covers the 802.11n  as well as a/b/g bands .. and is an affordable Rs
1850. Read our review
20 million mobiles phones sold in March - and guess which Indian state
has the best tele-density! We trawl answers in Parliament to tell you.
Networking 2010
10-14 May 2010, Chennai, India
9th event of the series of International Conferences on Networking,
sponsored by the IFIP Technical Committee on Communication Systems
(TC6). The main objectives of Networking 2010 are to bring together
members of the networking com-munity from both academia and industry, to
discuss recent advances in the broad and fast-evolving field of
telecommunications, and to highlight key issues, identify trends and
develop visions. Jointly organized by Indian Institute of Technology
Madras, Chennai and Computer Society of India, Chennai Chapter.
 http://networking-2010.org/ <http://networking-2010.org/%20%20> 
2010 Asia Media Summit  
25-26 May 2010, Beijing
The biggest global media event taking place in Asia-Pacific, the 2010
Asia Media Summit.. opportunities for examining these issues and finding
new perspectives on media's strategies and initiatives. The conference
theme, "Creativity, Credibility, Rights & Responsibilities." Now on its
7th year, the Asia Media Summit will feature nine plenary sessions
covering issues on public trust in media, media ethics, universal
content access, community broadcasting, media and migration, and
LTE World Summit 2010
18-19 May 2010, Okura Hotel, Amsterdam
The leading conference & exhibition for the LTE Industry. LTE World
Summit 2010 looks set to build upon 2009\'s hugely successful event
which attracted top operators from across the World.  In attendance will
be  all major LTE players, including all major operators, vendors,
industry associations, industry press and bloggers and more!  With over
80 stands and a comprehensive 6 track programme, plus two co-located
Communicasia 2010 
Singapore 15-18 June
The  leading IT event in  Asia.... Into its 21st year, CommunicAsia2010
highlights the newest technology innovation in the ICT industry in the
like of today's digital convergence landscape. Products being showcased
ranges from the latest technologies in applications, solutions to
www.communicasia.com <http://www.communicasia.com%20> 
Held in conjunction with BroadcastAsia 2010 www.broadcast-asia.com  the
one-stop event for Asia's digital multimedia & entertainment industry 
and EnterpriseIT2010, highlighting the newest technology innovation in
the ICT industry in the like of today's digital convergence landscape
International Conference on Advances and Emerging Trends Computing Tech.
21-24 June 2010, Chennai.
Organised by: School of Computer Science & Engineering, SRM University
in association with University of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA, Div II &
Div IV, Computer Society of India, IEEE Computer Society, Madras
Chapter.The conference will serve as a platform for fruitful interaction
among research scholars, scientists, academicians, members in the
industry and policy makers.The highlights of the conference will be a
keynote address and plenary lectures to be delivered by internationaly
renowned experts, enriching tutorials and round table discussions.The
proceedings of the conference will be published in print form by a
leading publisher. 
LTE Asia 2010
7 - 8 September 2010, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong
LTE Asia 2010 will be the 5th annual event for the region focusing
specifically on LTE and looks set to build upon 2009's extremely
successful event that attracted 220+ delegates from across Asia with
more than 50% of the attendees from telecom operators. All the major and
regional operators will be in attendance along with  analysts, press and
other media 
Are you organising an upcoming conference or trade show in the Middle
East/Asia/Pac region   that will interest the Indian infotech community?
Send us the details in a mail to feedback at indiatechonline.com
<http://feedback@indiatechonline.com%20>  with Event Watch  in the
subject line and we will be happy to feature it in this section.
Nostalgia: Bollywood Instrumental hits: Times Music, CD: Rs 150
If you are like me and prefer to have some quiet music in the background
as you work at your desktop PC, and if you ( again like me) prefer the
melodious oldies from Hindi Cinema's golden years to today's unmelodious
electronic sound, this new album from Times Music should form part of
your collection. 
What passes the test for me, with such compilations,   is to have
instrumentals rather than vocals of   comfortingly familiar songs which
are tuneful - without distracting highlights that intrude into your
work.    Santosh Mulekar's piano and Sanjay Das' guitar give a slight
western lilt to nostalgic oldies like Salil Choudhary's "Na jaane kyun"
from "Choti Si Baat";   S.D. Burman's "Waqt ne kiya"  from "Kagaz ke
Phool" , Khayyam's "Ae Dil-e-Naadan" from "Razia Sultana,"...
In the process, Mulekar, who also did all the arrangements, reminds us
of the western classical inspiration for many of these tunes - from  the
first movement of  Mozart's Symphony no. 40 in G minor (Salilda's "Itna
Na Mujhse tu Pyaar Badhaa" in Hrishikesh Mukherjee's "Chhaya"/1961 )
to the Chopin snatch that R.D. Burman features in "Do Lafzon ki hai" (
"The Great Gambler). There are just 8 tracks - so like Oliver Twist you
are left "asking for more". A.P.
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