[AI] regarding drafting new committeeof law

dinesh shukla dineshshukla2815 at gmail.com
Thu May 6 02:25:27 EDT 2010

Dear friends this is very good if any step has been taken in this regard but frankly speaking I could not understand the actual stand of government regarding us.  We are great sufferers not getting promotion in A.B. posts. The government is giving promotions  to SC and ST but not VH why this discrimination  I am talking about promotions  in TGT to PGT teachers. We do not get promotions for PGT so we do not become voice principal  and principal. and other in hiarchy. if any comment from any side please let me know so that I may increase my knoleddge. I appreciate that Kanchan Pannani can understand this better what the action has been taken government because she knows law better.  

DK Shukla.

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