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Backing up your files is crucial.  Just imagine how you'd feel if you lost
the precious photographs you have stored on your computer or lost all your
music files.

There are various ways of backing up; to an external hard drive or to a USB
and, increasingly, to an online account.

For example, Carbonite PC Backup service, a Which?  Best Buy, backs up files
an online storage area for a flat fee of around ukp27 per year.  BT offers a
service called Digital Vault, which allows users to upload up to 5GB of
files to
an online storage area for free, or up to 50GB of files for ukp5 a month.

Microsoft's Windows Live offers a service called SkyDrive.  This isn't a
Best Buy but offers 25GB of online storage free of charge.  Here's how it

1. Getting started

Go to SkyDrive's home page (skydrive.live.com) and, if you have an existing
Windows Live account (you will if you use Windows Live Mail, for instance),
click Sign in and enter your email address and password.  If you don't have
Windows Live account, click the Sign up button and enter an email address,
password and your personal details.  Accept the terms and conditions and
the captcha (the disguised characters) into the box provided.

2. Online folders explained

By default, Windows Live SkyDrive creates four folders (as shown, below).
My Documents and Favoritesfolders show a padlock to denote that these are
folders or as SkyDrive puts it they are 'Shared with: Just me.' The folder
titled Shared favourites is designed to store your favourite web pages or
bookmarks.  Finally, the Public folder is for sharing files with your
and family.

3. Create a shared folder

You may have someone with whom you share files regularly and want to set up
dedicated folder exclusively for them.  To do this, click Create folder.  On
next screen give your folder a name.  Click the drop-down arrow beside Share
with and choose the Select people option.  Next, enter the email address of

person with whom you want to share the folder or select their details from
Windows Live Mail contact list and click Next.

4. Drag-and-drop files

A new window will appear showing the message Drop files here.  You can
drag-and-drop files here in the same way that you can move files around on
computer.  Click and hold down the Windows and E keys on your keyboard to
Windows Explorer.  Find the file you want to save to SkyDrive.  Select the
using the left-hand button of your mouse and drag the file across to the
SkyDrive folder and then click Upload.

5. Edit permissions

Now click on the link People I selected (beside Shared with).  On the next
screen click on the link marked Edit permissions.  Click the down arrow at
bottom of the screen to allow the person with whom you are sharing the
folder to
add, edit and delete files as well as simply sharing them.  Using the tick
you can also choose to share the file with Everyone or just People in your
network (be careful what information you share with everyone).

6.  Send a link Click back and then click on the blue link Let people know.
a message in the box provided and click Send.  Tick the box Don't require
people to sign in with Windows Live ID in case the person with whom you are
sharing the file doesn't have their own Windows Live account.  Click Send.
Your friend will receive an email with a link that will take them to the
Live folder.  They will then be able to view or download files.

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