[AI] accessible questionnaire draft for VI

Mukesh Sharma mrmukeshsharma at gmail.com
Wed May 5 05:21:01 EDT 2010

Please clarify if you want electronic questionnaire or the questionnaire in
hard copy?

Electronic questionnaire can be prepared in HTML or word doc, different
methods can be opted to make it simple and easy to comprehend and answer. 
Questionnaire accessibility and ease of answering also depends on the level
of audience.

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hello friends,
questionnaires  are important tools to collect data and conduct surveys. in
this regard, I was preparing a questionnnaire and am wondering what should
be the appropriate accessible format to be send to VI friends?
please guide me how to  prepare such a questionnaire in word so that it is
easy for VI friends to answer question with ease and quickly.
1. should it be in ms word only or any other?
2. how should yes/ no questions be kept and how should respondents
instructed to tick mark the answer?
3. how  can multiple choice questions be answered by VI friends with ease
and least discomfort?
4. how should VI friends be able to answer and tick more than one option
which suitably describes the information sought in the question?

your help, suggestions, and guidance would be highly appreicated.
please keep them simple and easy to implement for me.

according to me,  the format of questions given in selection exams are not
so friendly and hence want to minimise the time taken by VI friends by
making the questionnaire easy to attempt.
thanks and regards

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