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Wed May 5 01:08:26 EDT 2010

Hello All
Job applications are invited from ‘Sarthak educational Trust’ for
persons with visual impairment. The relevant details are as follows
and please find our contact details at the bottom of this

Job Description – Content Writing

iYogi is a remote tech support provider for consumers and small
businesses in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada. Our outreach to
potential customers is through the Internet. We have websites for each
geography and we write content basis the volume of search on search
engines like Google for certain words or phrases which we call
‘keywords’. Our content is critical to the work we do.
Skill Requirements:
•	Excellent English writing skills
•	Interest in technology
•	Patience as the job requires extensive research and ability to
rewrite in own words
Infrastructure Requirements:
•	Computer/Laptop with MS Office
•	Fully Functional Internet Access
Content Flow:
•	Content Writer receives keyword, template to be used and “what to
write” directions for templates where applicable.
•	Content Templates are detailed instructions given to writers about
how to angle the content they are writing. The content could be any of
the following:
1.	Sales – Pure sales page for promoting iYogi subscription
2.	Review – Where the writer reviews the features and usability of a
product and highlights the top 5 features.
3.	Knowledge – Where the writer provides general information, about a
topic, keyword or phrase, related to technology. A what-to-write is
usually provided for this type of template.
4.	Solutions – Where easy step-by-step solutions are provided for
readers to successfully troubleshoot some of the common issues they
may face.
5.	Frequently Asked Questions – Where 10 FAQs are highlighted and
expert answers are provided.
•	Content writer researches the Internet for relevant and accurate
information and cross checks with three credible sources.
•	Content writer writes fresh and new content for each keyword given
to them following the detailed instruction in the template and the
“what to write” where applicable.
•	There should be no plagiarism or copy of content from anywhere, not
even the writer’s own work.

Job Title – Content writing
Number of posts - 10
Classification - IT
Job Type - Full-time/part-time/freelancers
Location – Gurgaon
Expected Salary – 1.5 to 1.7 lacs per annum
Closing date of application – 10 MAy 2010
Contact: Building no. 1 Sarthak Educational Trust Mohammad Pur Behind
bikhaji Cama Place New Delhi – 110066
Phone: 011-42004238
Mobile: +91-9868627244
Email : sarthakedu at gmail.com
Web: www.disabilitymanagementcell.com

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