[AI] doubt in Excel with Jaws

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alt +ctrl +insert + c marks the values in a row as column headers
alt + ctrl + insert + r marks the values in a row as row headers.

So, in your case, go to the A1 cell and press alt + ctrl + insert + c and
then when you move from b4 to a4, the value in the cell A1 will be spoken as
the heading in a different pitch before the contents of the A4 cell are

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Dear friends,

Is there any option in Jaws which makes Jaws announce the column
heading instead of the cell address when the cursor moves to a
particular cell in excel?

I have given column headings from 1 to 180 starting from A1.  Now,
when I go to A4, Jaws should say 1 instead of A4.

Required guidance urgently.

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