[AI] regarding Disclosing Disability in CV

rambabu adikesavalu rambabu_arb at yahoo.com
Sun May 2 08:06:21 EDT 2010

Well, it seems that our friend Sameer is yet to come out of his dilemma on this issue. I think Adina has raised a very important point regarding this issue.
As she has rightly pointed out that most of us have done schooling in Schools for the Blind So when you mention about your SSLC and Higher Secondary results on the CV, how can you hide your identity?
By the way, I had attended at least 11 interviews before finally getting my present job. All of them were open posts. I never had any problems. I am sure there would be more such persons on our list who would not have faced any problem on account of disclosing their disability!!
Today, we have enough supporting system to overcome our disability and fight for our rights. Gone are those days when everything came on charity basis.
Now, we are demanding for our rights and due opportunities.
Please keep away all your synicisms about this issue.
With regards,
Dr. A.Rambabu

On 2nd May 2010, Adina Gillani wrote:

Well, if you can manage employers' shocked face while seeing you, trying to make you feel horrible, just because they didn't know before that you are  blind, I think is ok not to specify it. On the other hand, most of us have studied in schools for blind or visually impaired people, how is one 
supposed to avoid writing it? I am personally for writing it, even if the 
perspective is bit limited. If they do not want blind people amongst their 
employees', they will surely manage not to get you, with or without your 
specification in the c v. I doubt hiding it really brings much but contrary.


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