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London, April 30 (ANI): A four-year-old blind boy named Jamie Aspland uses echolocation to see - just like dolphins.
Jamie makes clicking noises with his tongue that makes him virtually know where things around him are lying.
"It's amazing," his 39-year-old mother Deborah says, "Since learning the skill we can walk to the park and Jamie no longer has to hold my hand."
Jamie - a twin who was born blind - was taught the revolutionary technique by a US expert t.
Deborah says that Jamie became an expert of the technique after taking just three lessons, reports The Sun.
Jamie is one of the few children in the world who have been taught how to copy dolphins by Californian Daniel Kish, who is himself blind.
Kish names his echo-location skill as "flash-sonar".
"It provides one with information of a fair amount of detail at distances of dozens of metres.
"Working with Jamie and his family was terrific. He he was very responsive," he said.
"Knowing Jamie can be safe and will understand what is happening, where the traffic is and what's around him, will really help," Deborah said. (ANI)

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