[AI] your precious advices required for laptop

aisha sahani mailtoaishasahani at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 22:44:45 EDT 2010

Hey all,
Feels great to write here after long, hope everyone is in health.
Coming to question…
i am thinking to buy a new laptop in a few days in a range of RS. 35
to 40 thousand.
Can you guys can give advices which model and company to go with?
Also, I have discovered that all the good laptops are now coming with
windows7. is it accessible for a nontechy like me to use the same with
i’ve  heard somewhere that windows7 is not accessible with jaws 10. is it?
I remember a friend has been offering the jaws 11 as well, I’ve never
used it personally though.
So i would appreciate to hear  your responses on two things:
1.	which company and model you prefer in the range of around RS. 40000
that may be good enough?
2.	can windows7 be used with jaws? Also, I have to use ABBYY
finereader very frequently to scan my books. Any idea whether or not
it can be used on windows7?

Please drop in your responses and help this technologically challenged.

Aisha sahani.

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