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gautam gtm.agrawal at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 07:24:39 EDT 2010

Hell Ms. Neha, 


                Welcome to this wonderful platform of access India.  It is
hoped that you will find it fit as a source to acquire knowledge
information, councilling, guidance for your perspective carrier, social
participation and  to know this world much more.   Despite your visual
disability, you may have a number of opportunities to be economically
independent.  In accordance with your interest and convenience in the field
of service, profession, business or industry.  But as you have mentioned
that you are studying in B.A. first year so this is advisable to you to for
the time being mind your study up to the extent you can.  Along with the
study you can go for some short term professional training courses such as
computer operation, medical transcription, call centre service, etc.   All
these courses must be available at Hydrabad.  You may contact the state
chapter of national association for the blind, state branch of national
federation of the blind, Andhra Pradesh federation for the blind and many
other organizations for the necessary guidance in regard with afforstated
courses and other facilities and benefits available for the visually
challenged in public and private sector.  You will also be pleased to learn
that government of  A.P. has ever been sensitive to provide the due
employment to visually challenged persons. 


With best wishes for your bright future.



Gautam Prakash Agarwal


National federation of the Blind,

Karnataka Branch.

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