[AI] some commonly used tech terms and definitions

Sanjay ilovecold at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 07:18:31 EDT 2010

ADSL - Short for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line this is a type of
technology, usually delivered over a BT landline

BLOGGING - The practice of producing a blog (see below)

BLOGS - Short for Weblogs. A blog is an online personal journal

BLUETOOTH - A type of short-range, wireless connection

CABLE - A type of broadband technology, delivered alongside cable television
underground cables

CONTROL PANEL - Windows' tool that allows you to manage your PC

DRIVER - Software that allowsyour computer and devices to talk

FIREWALL - Software/hardware that blocks unwanted communication from and
to the internet

FLASH - A common method of putting animations on a web page

GB - See Terabytes

GRAPHICS CARD - The part of your computer that displays images

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language, the code that websites are built in

ISP - An ISP (Internet Service Provider) enables and services your internet

JPEG - A common image file type that compresses image data

KEYLOGGER - A type of spyware program that makes a note of the keys that you
press on your computer keyboard.  Malicious keyloggerssend the information
collect(a password, say) to a third party

META SEARCH ENGINES - A tool that trawls multiple search engines, and
the results

MICROFILTER - Attaches to your phone socket to enable you to make voice and
calls at the same time via ADSL

MP3 - Compressed music file format

MPEG - A common video file format that compresses the data

NEWS FEEDS - A way for websites to distribute their latest stories

OPEN SOURCE - The code used to build open source programs is freely
so anyone can modify it to develop a new version of the program, or use it
produce compatible software

OPERATING SYSTEM (OS) The software that manages your computer

PC EXE - Files that can be executed by a PC, for example programs

PHISHING - A type of scam where, in order to trick you into giving away,
your credit card details, a criminal sets up a spoof website that resembles
of an official organisation (a bank, say)

PROCESSOR - A processor is the 'brain' of your computer

QUAD-CORE PROCESSORS - The latest processors have multiple 'cores' - this
is like having several processors on one chip, and helps them to handle
tasks simultaneously

RAM - Your computer's short-term memory; the more of it your PC has the
quicker it will work and the more programs it can run

ROUTER - A device that directs 'traffic' (data) between computers and other
equipment, so that each computer has its own internet access

SPAM FILTERS - Programs to stop unsolicited 'junk' email

 SSID - A wireless network's name

 SYSTEM TRAY Area of the Desktop that contains notification icons

TASK BAR - Blue bar running across the bottom of a Windows screen

TB - Terabyte, a measurement of data storage.  Eight bits make up a byte,
bytes a kilobyte, 1,024 kilobytes a megabyte, 1,024 megabytes a gigabyte and
1,024 gigabytes a terabyte

TIFF - A type of image file format

TRANSCEIVER - A transmitter/receiver for connecting your computer to another
device, such as a mouse

TROJAN - A virus that disguises itself as an innocent program to entice
to install it.  Trojans can give third parties remote access to your

TXT - A computer file containing text data

USB - Universal Serial Bus - a widespread technology for connecting devices
your computer

USER ACCOUNT CONTROL (UAC) - A security feature that requires the user to
permission before your computer performs a certain action

Virus - A malevolent program that spreads from computer to computer within
another program or document

WAN - Short for Wide Area Network, a network of distantly connected

WAV - An uncompressed sound file

WEB BROWSER - The software that lets you view and navigate web pages

WEP - Wired Equivalent Privacy. A wireless security protocol

WI-FI - A computer networking technology that allows data to be transmitted
radio frequencies

WPA - A technology for securing data across a wireless network that is more
secure that the older WEP technology

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