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It's rare that I'm moved and inspired at the same time by something I see on 
the internet.

But today I have an exception for you.

Let me briefly prepare you for what you're about to see and hear.

I say "see" and "hear" with all due respect because the man who put this 
wild fatloss and fitness system together cannot do either.

He is totally blind and almost totally deaf.

So he made this presentation with the help of one of my friends in the 
fitness world (my good buddy Jon Benson) who doesn't take a penny (nor will 
he ever) from helping this extraordinary new fitness role model.

I wanted to do my part, too... but believe me, I'm not just helping a blind 
guy out here. I'm sharing a true gem with you if you want to take your body 
and your motivation to the next level.

Imagine this:

Being totally blind and overweight. Yet wanting to be fit.

Now, really picture it:  You cannot see, so going to a gym is... well... 
almost impossible (or so you may think... this guy figured it out... ) You 
trip over weights other people leave on the floor. You cannot tell if 
someone is using that machine (you know, the one you had to count steps to 
from the gym door in order to find?) until you practically sit on them.

Get the picture?

And what about eating right?  How do you measure everything? How do you know 
if you're buying the right brand of, say, chicken breast? Is this chicken 
with or without skin?

You see how tricky this is?

And yet, Mike figured out how to do it.

More than that -- he dumped over 40 lbs of blubber and put on muscle 
shape... and now he looks like a different person.

My friend Jon tells the motivational story about this blind gentleman and 
his fitness story here:

http://tinyurl.com/blindanddeaf  <----Check it out

You may be thinking... "Okay, so how can a blind guy's program help me?"

I thought the same thing until I checked it out.

You see, A LOT of the fitness challenges we ALL face (sighted or not) go 
unseen (pardon my expression!)  We just can't seem to figure out "why" we 
cannot get or stay fit... and the real reason for this is that we cannot see 
the REAL problem.

My new friend, Mike Weingarden, is just your typical guy... except he's 
blind (totally) and almost deaf. But he was forced to dig a LOT deeper than 
most of us due to his physical challenges in order to figure out how to shed 
bodyfat, shape-up his body with lean muscle, and stay super-motivated.

Doing this allowed him to discover the REAL challenges... and the 
solutions... to changing anyone's body.

I'm telling you, this guy has put together a System that is just unreal.

It's not a "nice-to-have"... it's a must-have. Not just for the inspiration 
(and who wouldn't be inspired by this man!)... but for the 80 (yes, eighty) 
training and nutrition videos Mike shot during his journey. He shows you how 
to perform just about every exercise you'll ever need. He goes over 
nutrition, inspiration, in-home workouts... and so much more.

The videos themselves are worth a small fortune... but Mike is not a greedy 
guy. He's practically giving this away just to get his foot in the door of 
the fitness world. And, in his own words, "Just to prove a point... that if 
I can do it, anyone can... no exceptions."

Here's the full story...


Go get inspired... and get into your best shape ever.


Mike Geary
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Specialist

P.S.  Let me be honest with you:  Mike is far from a rich guy. Just the 
opposite. Due to his physical challenges, he can barely make ends meet. But 
he came through and put together an an incredible program here.

So yeah... of course. I wanted to help Mike by sharing this System with you 
asap... but there's more to the story.

Mike is giving 10% of his earnings to a charity for the blind. So you will 
not just be helping yourself get fit (and yes, helping Mike out too) but 
also helping some people who cannot see regain some of their personal 

His charity is really cool. It's covered in the presentation on this page... 
as is his See Yourself Fit System, including his 80-plus digital videos...

Go on over and check it out:


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