[AI] are you willing to work in banglore with visually challenged persons to teach computers?

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Techvission computer training for visually challenged
persons at samarthanam trust for the blind.

Work address:
 j p nagar,
 2nd phace,
19th main
Mobile no: 09742577098

Web site:

Techvission computer training for visually challenged
persons at samarthanam trust for the blind.

Course code:  samTv

Duration: 4months

About sam TV:

Samarthanam techvission Works for the rehabilitation of the visually
challenged persons.
The  vision of the training center is to make sure that even the
rural back grounded persons who don’t understand English
Will learn the communication English as well computer skills.

In addition to this we make sure that that the trainees  will also
learn the personality developmental skills to compete the world.

  Computer Training for the visually impaired is the greatest form of
  empowerment for them. It opens up the world to them: a world of
  information (aiding research, education, daily living, recreation),
  people, jobs, books (print to voice). Computer training involves
  training on Computer Basics, MS office, Internet using the JAWS screen
  reading software which is talking software that aids the visually
  impaired to “hear” everything that a sighted person would “read-”.

  This is an initiative from techvission team towards giving quality
  computer training for visually impaired people who have completed
  their studies and seeking a job, and those who want to continue their
  studies in the field of computers. Main goal of this course is to make
  the candidate employable by providing computer knowledge and making
  them efficient in using computers independently. This will increase
  the employment opportunities, betterment of existing job, and for
  higher studies. Apart from imparting computer training this course
  also imparts training in life skills, attitudinal, aptitudinal skills
  and communicative English.


Course Details:-
  Duration: 4 months
Seats : 15
  Premise: Techvission computer training for visually challenged
persons at samarthanam trust for the blind.
Course fee: rs.150 as keonics deposit.
Hostel facilities will be provided by samarthanam to the trainees for
the 4 month course.

Activities of Techvission computer training for visually challenged
persons at samarthanam trust for the blind:

1.	ACT:
ACT means advanced computer training.
The entire course is being taught with help of the screen reader
software called jaws.


1. Introduction of Computers.
  2. Basic information about Hardware and Software.
  3. Information about Operating system.
  4. Desktop and Taskbar
  5. Menus and window layout.
  6. Editing
  7. Dialogs.
  8. File and folder management (Windows Explorer)
  9. Jaws Help
  10. Microsoft Word
  11. Microsoft Excel
  12. Microsoft PowerPoint.
  13. Internet
  14. Miscellaneous things like Scanning and reading,
  documents, CD Burning, Physical connections of computer, trouble
  shooting etc…
15. skipe talk.

Material Used:
  1. Computers with
  a. Windows XP operating system and
  b. Office 2003,
  c. Jaws 10.0
  2. Audio files for Theory
  3. Tutor Training
  4. Self paced exercises for each concept.
  5. Weekly tests and final assessment test.
  6. Designed Curriculum with computer concepts and employment aspects.

EXCEL means Excellency in English language.
As we have an understanding with the voluntiars, they help us to teach
the students the communication language.
They basically conduct
A.	Group descussion

3. PDA:
PDA means personality development assessment.
Usually this is a program which helps the students to learn the way of
corporate life.

We also focus on:

•	Follow up of each student
•	After the course to know how a student is making use of this course.
•	Guidance
•	Professional approach of teaching communication classes
•	Providing some audio material to the students regarding English
•	Providing   opportunities for their employment.
•	Mentering each student and guiding them in their future perspect.
•	Supporting the students in providing accadamic audio, doc lessons
according to their requirements.

4. daisy recording library:
This is a library in which the students accadamic lessons are made in
to audio files.
The volunteers
Do the recording and the editing is done by the library incharge.
Besides we also have scanning department.
Here the books are been converted  in to pdf files or doc files.
The students make use of this files uploading in to their PCS.

Contact details:
For any additional information please
Phone:9742577098 or 9448365929
mgk at samarthanam.org
mahantesh at samarthanam.org

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