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Dear All,

This really isn't the news that I was hoping to deliver, as it really isn't
news at all. Wayfinder are scrambling to try and resolve the loss of POI
content and address look up to US users, and it would appear to be final
that Indian users have lost service permanently.

I have instructed Wayfinder today that we must draw a line in the sand
somewhere as to when they will accept that nothing can be done, and offer
some sort of resolution. Both to Indian clients and of course US ones if
service cannot be restored.

They have assured me that they are working as hard as they can to restore
this service, however, it is not a simple task given the nature of the

Wayfinder have set a date of the 15th of May as the line in the sand, but
haven't yet said what will happen if we reach that date. Presumably they
will recognize that US users are in the same boat that Indian users find
themselves in... I am pressing for an answer to this point.

For now please accept my most sincere apologies on behalf of Wayfinder and
all involved  we are working with your best interests in mind.

Thank you.


Neil Barnfather.

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