[AI] Seeking techniques for proof reading text

Geetha Shamanna geetha at millernorbert.de
Thu Apr 29 14:29:47 EDT 2010

Hi Pranav and all,

As a translator, I am expected to proofread translated documents all the 
time. While the spellcheck feature of Word tracks down most of the spelling 
errors and spacing inconsistencies, the biggest difficulty I encounter when 
proofreading with the help of a screen reader relates to tracking down 
inappropriate/inadvertent  capitalisation. Turning on Jaws' capitalisation 
announcement feature can solve the problem, but this can be grating on the 
ears. I am yet to find a speech-based solution to this problem.

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Hi all,

What techniques do you use to proof read text? Do you use audio or Braille?
I am in a situation where I need to produce perfect text. I cannot afford
even a single error. I use a screen reader namely Jaws for Windows. I do
most of my writing in Microsoft Word so use the spelling and grammar checker
that comes with Microsoft Office. I also review my documents using speech
but I am liable to miss things especially if two words sound alike.


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