[AI] An useful mobile no.

Dr Jalaja jalajakumarits at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 12:20:55 EDT 2010

Hello friends,
The number has five zeroes.
Indian Railway in colloboration with Google is
providing a 10 digit Mobile Number   9773300000
Send an SMS with your PNR number and you will
instantly receive your ticket's current status along
with other journey details.
There is no need to prefix the number with 0 or 91.
This service is provided free; all you pay for is the
SMS charge to your mobile service provider.
Please remember to store this number.
In you mobile create a contact entry for   ICE  [In
Case of Emergency] and store the number of the
person who should be contacted in case of an
emergency. Many mobiles have this facility to
store an emergency number which can work
even when there is no battery power.

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