[AI] Ubuntu installation.

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I hope, this will be helpful to somebody else.


How to install ubuntu.


1: insert CD and restart the system.

2: when the CD starts run well, press F5 to get accessibility option.

3: press 3 and press enter to get screen reader option.

4: press down arrow and press enter.

5: using tab, select forward button and press enter.

6: press tab once and with down arrow, select city. [Colcutta]

7: press ctrl +tab and select forward button and then press enter.

8: here no change is needed. So click forward button.

9: here in the partition mode, press up arrow to select manual radio button and tab to forward button and click there.

10: with down arrow select free space.

11: press application button and select new partition and press enter.

12: select partition option and type the value [10240 mp]. Press tab and in the text box type / and click ok.

13: again in the partition screen select free space and activate new partition. Press tab to select size option. Type the value [1024]. Press tab to get file extension combo box. Press space bar to activate the box. With up arrow select swap option. Press space bar to close the combo box. Then press tab and click ok.

14: again in the partition screen, select free space and activate new partition. 

Here, type home in the text box. Press tab and click ok.

15: again in the partition screen, press tab and click ok. [no need of any change]

16: here, type user name and password in the concerned fields. Press tab and click ok.

17: here no change is required, press tab and click ok.


Now the installation begins.

In the new screen, there will be an option for restart the system. Press restart. Now the CD is ejected. After removing the CD, press enter.


Now Ubuntu is ready for use.


Source: "Swaram" audio magazine by Insight Thiruvananthapuram.

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