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Nice one, friend.

At 01:29 PM 26-04-10, you wrote:
>Dear members of this group.
>I want to suggest you that all of you must read this message. It may 
>bring some changes in your life.
>Meditation. One of the most powerful techniques of bringing one's 
>mind to rest, of getting tuned to the universe, and of bringing out 
>the complete potential of the great human mind. Meditation is one of 
>the most under-used techniques in the world. It is something that 
>everyone should be doing, and yet but a handful do. What a pity!
>Unfortunately it is so commonly related to 'spirituality', that 
>people shy away from it. Of those who don't, many tell me that they 
>don't meditate because they can't clear their mind of thoughts.
>You don't have to be spiritual, to meditate. You don't have to have 
>a complete control of your mind to meditate. You just have to be human.
>Meditation is the process of eliminating thoughts, not vice versa. 
>Meditation helps you get a better hold over the whims and fancies of 
>your mind. In other words, it helps you control your mind instead of 
>your mind controlling you, as is often the case.
>So how can you maditate? There are several techniques. The most 
>effective is to simply stop thinking - or if you aren't able to do 
>that, start 'observing' your thoughts, as if it was someone else's 
>mind and you were just an observer. Eventually you will just stop thinking.
>Another very powerful technique is to concentrate completely on your 
>breath. Don't control - just watch your breath. Focus all your 
>senses on it, and think of nothing else. Usually when you do this, 
>you will find that your breath slowly starts getting shorter and 
>eventually comes to a stop. Here you will reach a thoughtless state, 
>which is very, very powerful.
>A simpler technique is to imagine some object and think of nothing 
>else. It could be a flame, or your third eye, or anything else, for 
>that matter. A friend I knew, would imagine that she is running 
>towards the sun forever. Yet another method is to light up a candle 
>and stare at it without blinking until your eyes start watering. 
>This is also a form of yoga, and you are so caught up not trying to 
>blink, that you simply cannot think of anything else.
>If you are trying these techniques for meditation, I'd prefer that 
>you start from the first method and switch to the next if you find 
>it tough, and so on. Because the first technique is the most 
>powerful, the next a little less, and so on. Start from the first 
>and move downwards, and see which one suits you best.
>Everyone who meditates encounters thoughts. So if you find yourself 
>thinking too much when you meditate, relax, it happens. Over a 
>period of months, you'll find it reducing, and eventually you'll be 
>able to reach that thought-less state much more easily.
>Doctor S K Tripathi,
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