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We offer the following information, but caution that this is currently in beta. Unfortunately, as with most software of this type, it's quite expensive. This is all the information we currently have available.

A Smartphone that Sees For You

Software from LookTel on a Windows-based smartphone uses "augmented reality" to help

the vision-impaired and elderly


Sean Gallagher

April 23, 2010

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Source: LookTel

This video

shows some of the ways the LookTel application can help people with visual and other


A new set of software that works with relatively inexpensive smart phones could help

visually disabled people and the elderly. Using a technology called "augmented reality",

the software can help people by recognizing text, objects and places.

Augmented Reality, or AR, uses location and visual information from a camera to supply

a smartphone user with extra information about their surroundings. For an introduction

to AR, you can take a look at

my hands-on with Spyglass

, the augmented reality navigation application.


takes AR technology and applies it to a very real problem. It was developed by


, in partnership with the National Institutes of Health, the National Eye Institute,

the Department of Veterans Affairs and a research organization for aides for the

blind, to help people who can't see well or may become disoriented.

The Windows Mobile application uses character recognition technology and a voice

synthesizer to read labels to the smartphone user. All that processing can't be

done on the smartphone, so character and object recognition software are part of

LookTel's "base station" software, which runs on a Windows-based home computer. You

can also add coded labels to objects , as this

YouTube demonstration

shows, and associate those labels with voice descriptions of objects you put them


The app also can connect a user to a real person for assistance by connecting back

to the application's Windows PC-based "base station" software:

For more complicated visual tasks such as locating a specific street corner or bus

stop, LookTel enables you to remotely connect to another person for assistance. Not

only can you talk to them, but you can also transmit live video from the cell phone's

camera so that they can see your surroundings and help you with orientation, recognizing

objects and media, and more. Your position will also be shown to them on Google Maps

using the GPS services available on smart phones. These services aim to help users

to independently go about daily activities with the confidence that they will have

the assistance they need anytime, anywhere.

LookTel is currently in testing, and is available on pre-configured HTC smartphones

and mobile Internet devices. Ipplex hasn't published the pricing for the technology,

but is offering it at a discount during testing.

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LookTel Website

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