[AI] Accessing DVD menu on computer?

Amar Jain amarjain2006 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 03:05:24 EDT 2010

I just now played the dvd of MNIK on laptop, I am using windows media player 12 which comes with windows 7.
There some song started something aasma or something, and I have few options, like volume, mute, stop, previous, dvd menu and dvd menu options.
Clicking on dvd menu options brings another context menu, which has got following options:
root menu,
title menu,
exit full screen,
special features submenu in which there is audio submenu, under which english uS is given and defaults dialog is given. That dialog is for changing the language.
I changed it to Hindi, but again when I saw that menu it was english US only.
I am unable to access dvd menu, because pressing enter or space bar one and the same thing on dvd menu brings nothing.
tabbing also bring no extra options.
as per RNIB site, we have to enable audio in order to listen audio described movie.
on tv I know that we have to choose from dvd menu, but how to do the same on computer.
jaws cursor reads blank in this window.
looking in the folder also does not give me any special file.
I also tried accessing dvd menu with narrator but windows 7 narrator is pathetic.
I have no sighted assistance available at this time, mom is in kitchen, dad is not at home. and mom is not going to come at least at this time.
if any one any one know about this just drop me an email or just give me mis call I will call but tell me how to do this...
I hope this dvd will have audio description. because otherwise there would have been no audio submenu in special features submenu both I have seen for the first time.
awaiting earliest reply.
amar jain.

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